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Hearing Care at Anne Irving Optometrists

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Hearing Test For All Ages

Hearing Tests in Kendal

Many people experience hearing loss. It can impact on an individual's quality of life, cause emotional distress, and present a new range of challenges at work and at home. Many hearing loss issues are easy to resolve, yet go untreated.


A hearing test can quickly identify the problem and then find a solution. They're simple to carry out, and our experienced hearing care professional Avner Brodie understands the challenges you may be facing. The testing process can diagnose a range of issues, giving you comprehensive hearing protection.

Anne Irving Opticians is a long-established, and highly-respected practice located in the beautiful Cumbrian market town of Kendal on the edge of the Lake District. Packed with independent shops, the town's a great place to explore.

Our hearing care services include:

Free hearing assessments

Earwax removal

Hearing devices

Tinnitus management

Live demonstrations

4-year aftercare service

Repairs and servicing

Home visits

Wax Removal in Kendal

Wax build-up inside the ear canal is one of the primary reasons people experience hearing loss. At Anne Irving Opticians, our wax removal service painlessly removes the excess ear wax that may be having a detrimental impact on your hearing. If you're a hearing aid user, or you're prone to wax build-up, a yearly removal can make all the difference

Your Audiologist
Audiologist at Anne Irving Opticians

Avner graduated in 2010 from the University of Manchester with a BSc (Hons) Audiology degree. During his training, Avner worked in various hospitals including North Manchester General, Wythenshawe, Sheffield Paediatric Specialists and on the Manchester Cochlear Implant Team. He then went on to work for several hearing companies, developing a keen appreciation of the variety of hearing aids that are available. Avner is very passionate about providing the ideal hearing solutions, alongside a unique and personalised service to every client, enabling them to live life to their fullest, he will always go above and beyond to make sure they are happy. He is the proud owner of the ‘Audiologist of the year 2021’ award. Avner is also trained in offering ear wax removal services using the Tympahealth microsuction system.
Health & Personal

Outside of work Avner is a keen squash player, he is actively involved with his community. He enjoys spending time with his wife and children and believes this is very important for a clear work life balance.

Why book a free hearing test?

There's no need to suffer from hearing loss. A simple, free hearing test can help identify any issues you might be having and then find practical solutions.

With hearing loss having such a profound impact, booking a hearing test can be the first step towards regaining a greater quality of life. Rick Birch's own experience of hearing loss, means he understands just how detrimental losing your hearing can be for you and your family.

If you require a hearing aid, our professional team will help you choose the best one for you. We have rechargeable and invisible options available and all our hearing aids come with up to a five-year warranty and lifetime aftercare. We also offer a repair and servicing service.

Why not book your hearing test today and take the first step towards better hearing?

Customer Reviews

Having just returned from my first "check-up” following the fitting of my new hearing aids about a month ago, I just wanted to tell you how delighted I am not only with my hearing aids but also with the overall level of service that you have given me.

- Mrs J M Batten -

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