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At Anne Irving's you will be offered a wide range of exciting Designer names to suit all ages including trendy designer frames free for children.  We also stock a wide range of styles, shapes and sizes to suit all budgets and tastes, not just those looking for designer names. We offer a good selection of sunglasses including a range of prescription sunglasses. 


Our range of stock is constantly being updated so that we have something new coming in regularly. 


For those of you who find it difficult to see yourself when trying frames on we use the latest technology to allow you to view yourself in a variety of styles on the I-pad. Or, for the more adventurous, we can pop some contact lenses in for you so that you can view yourself in the mirror 

Tiffany & Co
Ray Ban
William Morris
calvin klein

Varifocal lenses - to allow you to see both distance and near in one pair of spectacles


Transitions lenses - lenses which react to varying light conditions


Polarised lenses - these are sunspectacle lenses which dramatically reduce glare and can be made to your prescription


Polycarbonate lenses - these are stronger than standard plastic lenses and can be used for sport or in rimless frames




Quality and choice

There are a huge range of  spectacle lenses you can choose from to give comfortable vision and also to enhance the look of your spectacles.  Some of the more popular options available are -


Thinner (hi-index) lenses - materials that make spectacle lenses thinner and lighter.

This will improve the cosmetic appearance, improve the comfort and possibly improve the selection of frames your lenses will fit in


Anti-reflection coatings - will reduce glare (eg for nightdriving or computer use) and therefore make your vision clearer


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